Can A Diabetic Eat Dates?

The short answer is surprisingly yes but with moderation. Let us brief you about the science behind.

Diabetics are always recommended to avoid sweets and high-carb foods that can shoot up blood sugar levels and cause complications. Dates have been always on this blacklist because of their high calories and sugar content in compare to other dry fruits. Well, this is partially true because eating a lot of dates at once will increase blood sugar significantly but few dates eaten along the day can be actually quite healthy for diabetics.

Scientific research has proven that the exceptional nutritional value of dates makes them one of few natural sweets that actually benefit diabetic patients if consumed moderately.

- Dates have a low GI, which means they’re less likely to spike your blood sugar levels, making them a safe choice for people with diabetes. Moreover, dates have a medium GL, which means that 1 or 2 fruits at a time is fine.

- The high dietary fibre helps the body absorb carbs at a slower pace, which is especially important for people with diabetes. The slower carbs are digested, the less likely your blood sugar is to spike after eating.

- Vitamins B1-B5 – B6 protect from neurological diseases that many diabetics face

- Copper: It helps reduce excessive tissue oxidation, and protein damaging glycations in people suffering from diabetes.

- Magnesium: It helps in reducing the chances of getting Type 2 Diabetes because when a person is suffering from diabetes, he/she loses magnesium because of their elevated blood-sugar levels.

So, in brief diabetics can consume 2-3 dates a day without concern as long as they avoid other unhealthy sweets aside and maintain at least 30 mins daily of physical activity.




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